Tuesday, March 07, 2006


I read this at MySpace, but it doesn't state anyway for them to track that this is for MySpace members only, so...

Everyone who buys a 3 day trial pass at Tit-Elation.com, will be put in a drawing for one free copy of the Second Quarterly 'Best Of' print publication. Starts now, and ends 04/07/06.

I found this via the MySpace Erotica Readers Group, which has some nifty erotica excerpts too ;)

Friday, March 03, 2006

Monica M. Martin’s eXtasy Books Scavenger Hunt Contest

Search the site high and low for the answers to the questions below -- but first the rules!

Contest Rules:

Please note: Gift certificates will be e-mailed to winning entrants with instructions on how to redeem their selected ebook prize. Gift certificates are not redeemable for cash or any other goods and can only be used once. Winning entrants must have a FREE ebookAd account at eXtasy Books to collect their ebook prizes, as winner’s personal bookshelf will be credited with chosen ebook.

1: You must be an adult 18+ to enter any of my contests. NO exceptions!

2: You must be member of my mailing list group to enter my contests: monica_M_Martin-subscribe@yahoogroups.com (this is not a chat list)

3: You can only enter once.

4: Updated: Winners will be sent gift certificates via email, as it's convenient for all concerned.

Please don’t send snail mail address for e-book prizes.

5: Entries close midnight March 15. All correct entries will go a draw, 3 winners will be selected and announced in Monica M. Martin’s Erotique_M Newsletter and on select Yahoo Reader Groups March 18. Again, instructions for ebook prize collection will be forwarded with gift certificates.

THE Questions:

1)Name the editor who edited Allegra’s Seduction at eXtasy Books.

2) Name the cover artist who created the art for Allegra’s Seduction cover.

3) How many books are in Immortality’s Caress vampire series? (Look on books page)

4) Name the vampire in the 'Allegra's Seduction' book excerpt on my website.

5) Where is Allegra’s Seduction set? Country/place?

6) Find the name of the knight in ‘My Lady’s Protector: Knight of Pentacles’ excerpt on my website.

All correct answers go in the draw and the winners are announced March 18.
Email your answers here: Monica_M_Martin-owner@yahoogroups.com.

First prize:

1 PDF download of Immortality’s Caress: book 1 ~ Allegra’s Seduction (Historical vamp series)
1 gift voucher to purchase any ebook valued at $6:99 from eXtasy Books.

Second prize:

1 PDF download of My Lady’s Protector~ Knight of Pentacles.
1 gift voucher to purchase any ebook valued at $5:99 from eXtasy Books.

Third prize:

1 gift voucher to purchase any ebook valued at $3:99 from eXtasy Books.