Saturday, December 17, 2005

I'm Not A Lesbian, but...

This is why I subscribe to Tit Elation. Stories so good, that even if you don't normally get hot about this 'thing' you suddenly have to slide those fingers into your panties, between your lips, and get a release!

Exhibit A), The Delightful Roommate, by Renae Arden. A story about two female roommates, one of whom is lesbian, the other is straight - and she makes it clear that she's not about to give up the cock, but naturally, one thing leads to another and...

She grabbed two fists full of my hair, yanking me closer to her, pushing my face deeper into her. She pressed into me, bucking her hips as she moved, accepting, enjoying every bit of my mouth. She was moaning in pleasure, pleading for more.

OK, so the roommate actually gives in before that section, but that's where I start to get wet... really wet. The kind of wet that insists you go do something about it.

This story was published on the website's members area awhile ago, but since it was in the "lesbian" category, I didn't read it. But thankfully, it was also selected for the Best Of Book, and that's when I read it. Now it's one of my favorites, a regular participant in my bedtime activities.

But, now, finally, they have selected to use this story as a free sample at the site, and now you can read it too. So what are you waiting for?


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