Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Erotic Art: Words Vs Images

I'd prefer the use of words to create the erotic images in my head.

If beauty lies in the eye of the beholder, if one names things (and bodies are things) 'beautiful' because they please him or herself, then words & my imagination create all that is lovely, desireable, and pleasing to me.

There are no scenes or persons who lack in virtues I demand, nor actions & parts which displease. For even if the words describe what I do not wish to 'see' or what I would not enjoy, I may substitue quickly & envision what I wish - leaving what I want, creating jungles to cover what I do not.

Whatever my vision of bodily perfection, I may, and will, see these bodies in these stories in my mind. I need not worry if one is too thin, too tall, too shaven, too light, with eyes set too far apart & in a colour I do not like. I create my own preferences. I remove whatever blights there may be & replace them with more of what I desire...

That said, there is a purpose to erotic art images. Artistic or erotic nudes speak to us in shadow & light, in texture & dimension. They perserve for the duration (as determined by materials & care) brief moments in complicated scenes. Quick seconds in long lives.

Well-written erotic stories ought to do the same.

Study the eloquence of fine erotic photography & manipulate your reader to sigh, moan, or desire... absorb the power of a fine work of art dealing with the nude form... note the way the artist has used the medium to convey such emotion.

Erotica authors, apply your skills, work your craft, use your words to the extent that the visual artist does.

Make your story elicite a response as the art does.


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